Beyond the Bell Tours celebrate Philadelphia Gay Pride Month with Pride-in-a-Box

Along with smartly, spiritually and pro-actively focusing our attention on all matters Black Live Matters, June also happens to be Gay Pride Month. Many organizations have put off Pride programming and evets to better use their time, energy, resources and social media not to sell products or celebrate gay pride but to elevate black voices, promote Black Lives Matter and personally attend protests. Makes sense. 

At the beginning of June, Philly’s Beyond the Bell Tours – a “100% queer-owned walking tour company in specializing in women’s history and LGBTQ history” said its co-founder Joey Leroux – did just that: put off BTBT events, and held its primary promotion (its Pride-in-a-box experience supporting multiple queer-owned businesses and artists in the area) as long as possible so to celebrate Black pride and Black justice.

Beyond the Bells Tour co-founder Joey Leroux.

Before June ends, however, Beyond the Bell Tours will be offering special “home” experiences to allow Philly’s LGBTQ community the ability to celebrate Pride remotely. “We are going to bring 2020 Pride celebration to our collective queer-ass doorsteps through five different Pride boxes,” said Leroux, who’ll double the fun, June 13 and June 15, with live events, respectively, from Eric Jaffe and Sinnamon’s Spice Rack Burlesque.

Burlesque Babe, Sinnamon.

“These packages are built as self-care packages or a way to show some appreciation for the gay uncle, the queer healthcare worker, or the newly home-schooling parent in your life,” said Leroux. “ Each week will represent a different queer personality and be paired with an exclusive performance. With the purchase of any Pride-in-a-box experience, you are supporting multiple queer owned businesses and artists in the area and bringing a little light, love and joy into your home.”

 All boxes are $69, and BTBT offers free contact-less delivery to any Philly area address, and shipping outside Philly for a flat rate of $7. A diverse range of boxes can be found here.

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