Praising and preaching for the late great Philly comedian Meechie Hoe

The rising star made a name for himself on social media in both worlds of hip hop and comedy.

Philadelphia is a great hip hop town, filled as it is with dynamic lyricists, rappers and producers. Philadelphia is a great sketch comedy town, filled as it is with smart, sharp comedians, and writers and those who can make it happen on stage and online on the regular.

Rarely – if ever – do those worlds collide or interconnect. And yet, they did with Nicetown native Meechie Hoe, the Philly hip hop comedian who was shot dead on Monday night. So far, all that is known is that Hoe was shot before the end of the night, on Monday, as a passenger in a friend’s car, at a traffic light, on the 4800 block of North 5th Street.

How hip hop was Meechie? When news of the 25-year-old’s death hit the streets and the internet on Tuesday, fellow North Philly native rapper and social justice activist Meek Mill jumped on to social media to comment on his lost friend.

“They killed Meechie Hoe… That’s Brazy!” said Mill in an Instagram post. Philadelphia Eagles’ safety Will Parks, Armani White, and Questlove from The Roots also sent condolences via Twitter.

Hoe, born Demetrius Green, made his bones on Twitter and Instagram – these social media platforms were his stage where he could rage. He could walk the streets and make snarky, instant commentary on anything he found humorous, as witnessed HERE. Or he could for the more elaborately staged joke as witnessed HERE.

How could also face down controversy as he did HERE, tackling the accusations made against him by “Basketball Wives” star Sunday Carter.

Hoe’s Instagram page account was deactivated as of late Tuesday morning.

In an interview last week with Hip Hop First 48, Hoe said “I’m blessed. I’m alive.” Sadly – for him and his fans – Meechie did not stay as such. Hopefully, his Instagram page will return online so that those who loved him could see his work over and over and those who never got a chance can witness his humor.

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