10,000 Headshots comes to Philly

10,000 Headshots – a project with over 200 photographers in the United States alone, working on July 22, toward a goal of providing 10,000 individuals new headshots to use on their resumes or social media.

Matthew Hamilton of Rittenhouse SoundWorks fame in Germantown (that’s where brah-owner Jim Hamilton is producing the long-time-in-the-works, brand new Sun Ra Arkestra album, “Swirling” for October release), has yet-another studio management gig beyond the Rittenhouse – his own portrait studio and photography company, MHamilton Visuals. 

This Wednesday, July 22, Matthew Hamilton becomes the Philly participant in what will be a worldwide initiative to provide people who have become unemployed from the pandemic with new headshots to use on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc. That’s “10,000 Headshots,” a project with over 200 photographers in the United States alone, working on Wednesday toward a goal to provide 10,000 individuals with this service, all on the same day. 

Photographer Matthew Hamilton in his studio.

“So many people, including myself, have been immensely affected by this pandemic,” wrote Hamilton in an email. “Once I heard about the ‘10,000 Headshots’ initiative for July, I knew I needed to volunteer. Luckily, I am friends with the people behind the project so it was an easy fit to get involved.”

Hamilton is talking about his pal Tony Taafe, who co-founded Headshot Booker with fellow portrait photographer, Peter Hurley and national event photographer, Lauren Lieberman. In a press release for the July 22 event, Taafe actually recalled the struggles his dad had with unemployment and the impact it had on his entire family. “I know firsthand that the effects of unemployment extend well beyond an individual,” he explains. “My dad was the hardest working person I ever met. He was in construction so the work wasn’t consistent and he had almost zero job security. Unemployment impacts everyone and everything associated with that person. 

Photographer Matthew Hamilton.

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, in Philadelphia, at MHamilton’s Rittenhouse Filmworks location, 219 West Rittenhouse Street, the photographer will provide complimentary headshots to anyone currently unemployed. Participants are asked to visit HeadshotBooker.com for details and schedule a time to be snapped. Also, check out Matt Hamilton’s website.

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