Adam Sandler – Filming Netflix’s “Hustle” in Philly

Adam Sandler’s “Hustle” basketball flick for Netflix, is taking a break from downtown Philly for some filming in burbs.

Despite the weekend and a series of small snowy slopes dropped along Spruce and 21st Street, so that Shyamalan (M. Night) could wrap an additional scene for the second season of Servant on AppleTV (I really worked on that alliteration), Philly’s film land has been nothing but The Sandman, Adam Sandler and his “Hustle” basketball flick for Netflix, produced with LeBron James, under the direction of Philadelphia’s own Jeremiah Zagar. 

Along with the addition of co-stars Queen Latifah, Robert Duvall, Maria Botto and Ben Foster to the “Hustle” mix, Netflix just dropped its first two official snaps of the local production through We Got This Covered website, the second of which was filmed down the block from me on Ninth Street. No joke, as I was leaving the house, several of my neighbors were running to the Italian Market to squeeze onto side streets to see Adam Sandler and the Queen walk, walk annnnnnnnnnnnd walk.

Adam Sandler

I mention this now because Sandler will not be downtown again for a minute as he and the Philly-based film production are headed to Oaks studio facility in Chester, then on to Coatesville High School.

No more setting up brand new basketball courts near McGhee Rehabilitation Center or filming in front of Lowes Hotel on Market for the time being. No more trips to Osteria on North Broad Street to dine with crew and friends for a sec. And very possibly no more buying a glut of guitars as he seemingly has been prepared to do, first from George’s Music in Berwyn (nice gold shorts, Sandman)…

Then, courtesy DiPinto Guitars in Fishtown, an acoustic and an electric guitar…

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler and the “Hustle” crew will be back in Philly in November. If you can not wait until then, there’s always “Hubie Halloween” on Netflix.


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