Adam Sandler, LeBron James

Adam Sandler, LeBron James back in Philly


The Netflix movie “Hustle”, starring Adam Sandler, LeBron James and crew restart production in Philly.

While Adam Sandler may not be a part of Amazon’s Hotel Transylvania 4 as planned for the Autumn season, you won’t have far to look in order to see The Sandman. Maybe, just look out your back door.

One place we’re guessing he’ll be – from August’s end through at least a snip of September – is back in Philadelphia filming what is left of Hustle, his basketball based comedy, co-produced by baller LeBron James, and directed by Philly’s own Jeremiah Zagar of the famed Zagar arts fam.

As of today, August 27, Adam Sandler, LeBron James and film crew are currently scheduled to be back in action in South Philly – the Italian Market/Cheesesteak Vegas area – at the Capitolo Recreation Center which includes the playground, several ball fields and the community garden. No news as to who will be on set at Capitolo, even though – previously in the Italian Market – Sandler and his co-star Queen Latifah were filmed for a hand-holding stroll along Ninth Street at night. Robert Duvall, Maria Botto, Jordan Hull and Ben Foster are also in on the Hustle mix, so maybe they’ll be on set.

Adam Sandler, LeBron James

Fun fact, the new fence around Capitolo was set up when AMC came through Philly, all-over-Philly, filming Dispatches from Elsewhere with Sally Field and Jason Segal back in 2018.

Word has it that the Hustle crew may head back to the freshly-designed new basketball courts near McGhee Rehabilitation Center, Coatesville High School. and in front of Lowes Hotel on Market as many of the shoots will be re-shoots and completion scenes. Or maybe Sandler will just buy guitars from George’s Music in Berwyn and DiPinto Guitars in Fishtown.

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