Bel-Air will stream on Peacock, February 13

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A new trailer for “Bel-Air”, the dramatic reboot of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” dropped. Let’s talk about it.

dM and I have already gone on and on about how the Peacock streaming network has taken on the old NBC comedy, the Philly/Will Smith based “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and turned it into a drama, “Bel-Air”, based on Morgan Cooper’s short YouTube fan film from 2019.

Developed by Smith and Cooper, the overly serious reboot, starring West Philly/University of the Arts’ grad Jabari Banks, will get its debut airing right after the Super Bowl – that’s a prime introduction – at Peacock on February 13 with the episode “Dreams and Nightmares.” Is that named for the Meek Mill hit of the same name? Millie’s signature song? We’ll find out.


What we knew going into the production was that a lot early in the show filming was done in Philadelphia on the QT and that its producers – Smith’s Westbrook Studios and Universal Television – bought up a load of local artists works (e.g. sculptor/mosaic muralist Ellen Tiberino) and their extended rights, for decorative purposes and local flavor.


Well, the first long-form trailer for Bel-Air just dropped, and at three minutes, what seems to get captured from its Philadelphia origin story are a few scenes under the El with Jabari Banks on a bike (which could be right off Baltimore Avenue’s commercial district), what looks like a snap at Belmont Plateau (a Will Smith favorite) and several West Philly side streets from where Banks’ “Will” character hails.

It’s a trailer so it is a find it quick or lose it looksee, but, Philly’s in the mix for the first minute then, whoosh, we’re off to the hills and haughty homes of Bel-Air Cali. Looking forward to more drops, as well as a chat with the filmmakers – and the trailer does look very much like a film, with its cinematic vistas and rich cinematography.


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