Bolo Happy Hour

Bolo Happy Hour

Bolo Rum Bar unveils tantalizing weekday happy hour just in time for the summer.

The Latin American dining room and rum bar Bolo unveiled its much-anticipated weekday happy hour service. From 4 to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, Bolo’s first-floor rum bar becomes a haven for happy hour enthusiasts looking to indulge in tempting treats and refreshing libations.

Bolo’s new happy hour is a rum lover’s dream, inviting patrons to explore the extensive rum-focused bar program. Imbibe in a classic Mojito crafted with Don Q Cristal Rum, lime, muddled mint, and club soda, or savor the Coco Bolo, a delightful blend of Old Grand Dad Bourbon Whiskey, Coco Rico, young coconut, and lime. For a taste of Cuban sophistication, indulge in La Floridita, expertly prepared with Plantation 3 Star Rum, maraschino, key lime, and sugar. The cherry on top? A rotating Bartender’s Delight, exclusively available during happy hour, ensures each visit offers a unique surprise.

Bolo Happy Hour

For those who prefer beer or wine, Bolo’s happy hour doesn’t disappoint. Sip on a refreshing Medalla or opt for the house-brewed Bolo Light or Bolo Dark draft cerveza. Wine lovers can enjoy a glass of red or white wine, and if you’re celebrating with friends, why not order a pitcher of Sangria (red or white) or Rum Punch (rotating frequently)?

Bolo offers an enticing selection of light bites during happy hour to accompany your libations. Dive into the culinary adventure with Ceviche Shooters, featuring a variety of flavors that include Tuna con COCO, Ecuadorian Shrimp, Red Snapper Nikkei, and Salmon Tiradito. For those craving savory snacks, indulge in piscolabis and cuchifritos, such as the delectable Smoked Whitefish Salad with coconut yaniqueque and pickled chillies, or the flavorful Tostones Rellenos, consisting of fried plantain cups filled with mussels al escabeche and lemon aioli. And let’s not forget the mouthwatering Pinchos, served with toasted Cuban bread and accompaniments, such as Gamba y Chorizo, Pescado, and Berejena skewers.

Bolo Happy Hour

Immerse yourself in the rich culinary experience of Bolo’s happy hour with a taste of their signature Cuchifritos. Savor the cheesy delight of Manchego Croquetas, indulge in the crispy goodness of Bacalaitos (Cod fish fritters), relish the flavor-packed Sorullitos (corn fritters), or dive into the delightful Lamb Picadillo Empanadas filled with succulent lamb shoulder stew and served with sauce gribiche and cumin.

The new Bolo weekday happy hour celebrates Latin American flavors and the vibrant rum culture. With an impressive lineup of craft cocktails, refreshing beers, wines, and a delectable selection of light bites, Bolo promises an unforgettable experience for all. So, aseemble your crew and head to Rittenhouse Square to indulge in Bolo’s lively and enticing happy hour.

Cheers to summer sipping!

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