Brian Sanders

Brian Sanders and JUNK Present Dragonbutter

Aerial and athletic choreographer, Brian Sanders and his JUNK crew present their interactive Dragonbutter.

The last time I spied movement man and aerial/athletic choreographer Brian Sanders, his audience and I were all going to Hell, gathered together as we were in Hazmat suits and paper booties in an old church for his 2019 multi-media, multi-room extravaganza dedicated to zombies with 2nd Sanctuary. Now, with time and a pandemic between us, Sanders and his nearly 30-year-old JUNK crew (1992 at the Troc, to be exact, was his first time in public and a booking I had something to do with, which is weirder still) have returned for the highly physical, Dragonbutter.

Running from July 9 through July 25, Sanders has a new high ceilinged and wide, deep location courtesy of an 8,000-square-foot warehouse located at 200 Spring Garden Street. To this still gothic space, Sanders has newly choreographed the movement of four young dancer-aerialist-movement artists through a concept of what he is calling “a thrilling, heart-racing, immersive hour-long experience that transports participants into the middle of a science-fiction video game adventure.” Sci-fi, yes. But Sanders jokes that, though Dragonbutter is interactive that I won’t need to fuss or muss my hair or suit by having to don Hazmat gear. Yay, that.

Sanders told me during a brief conversation that “the multi-media and multi-room set up of 2nd Sanctuary” is still in use for Dragonbutter “without the threat of desecrating a church space,” and that the additional room of 8,000 square feet will allow his movement artists greater depth without the loss of intimacy to its audiences that 2nd Sanctuary allowed.

Plus, there is, with Dragonbutter a running connective tissue through its multiple themed room-scape to go with its mind-blowing light and sound arrangement. “Each room will challenge the audience or players with a handful of mini-riddles, to go with JUNK’s dramatic physical performances,” notes Sander. “All leading up to our grand finale, a final fight against the ‘Boss.'”

Brian Sanders

Ah, see, I knew I was going to mess up my hair. Okay. Brian Sanders’ JUNK and Dragonbutter will be worth it. Tickets are available HERE.

Images: Ted Lieverman

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