cody Anderson

Cody Anderson – In Memoriam

Cody Anderson was the first General Manager of Philadelphia’s only African American owned and operated talk radio station, WURD.

Sure, Black History Month is supposed to be a bright celebration of the living. And of those who have passed among the continuum of African American icons. Quite frankly, though, I can do without so many of Philly’s Black legends being on the deceased end of the ledger. While Philadelphia’s Black and restaurant community is still reeling from the death of KeVen Parker and his Ms. Tootsie’s soul food empire, this city’s radio, news and info-tainment world just lost a gentle giant… Cody Anderson.

Cody Anderson

Cody Anderson the first general manager of WURD, the only African-American-owned and operated talk radio station on the FM and AM dial, in the Commonwealth with still-running, still-popular programs such as “The Electric Magazine” every Saturday morning. Anderson was also the General Manager and President of WDAS 105.3 FM and a one-time owner of WHAT 1340 AM. For all intents and purposes, he was Philadelphia Black Radio.

Look, WDAS is still a force. But, back in the day, WDAS was everything to a kid like me to whom mainstream rock radio seemed cold. Cody Anderson’s ‘DAS was the ‘DAS of Georgie “The Guy With the Goods” Woods. Of Jimmy Bishop. Of Joseph “Butterball” Tamburro, of summer nights at Belmont Plateau. And of Unity Day, an annual Black community event Cody Anderson was crucial in its formation.

When it came time to spread the WURD, the word of Black talk radio in Philly, Anderson did so. Not with loud, brazen, near-expletive driven exploitation, but through conversation. Never passive or cold, Anderson’s talk radio style. And therefore the overall vibe and tone of WURD was cool, warm, and rolling holy.

Cody Anderson

From his leadership skills to his mellifluous flow and informational positivity, and frankness, Cody Anderson will be missed.

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