Don’t Sweat the Technique

Philly’s Swift Technique and Lady Alma join forces.

Philly’s Swift Technique is a proud, present-day exemplar of the acid jazz model of the mid-1980s and 90s made hard and fresh by deep, new hip hop beats and made sweet by all means R&B.

Surprisingly for a sterling live band that you’ve witnessed in your travels within its 13-year existence, Swift Technique has no album to speak of. EPs, yes. An appearance on the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, yes. Singles, yes. No album. That is, until January 31, when they drop “Martian Farm,” and with that, a month’s worth of Friday events guaranteed to attract attention – if you pay attention to SwiftTechnique.Com and @SwfitTechnique on Insta and Twitter.

This is the Swift Technique schedule as dropped by the band’s friend and spiritual guru Andy Blackman Hurwitz:


FRIDAY JANUARY 10th: “LANDLORD” DJ lil’dave Remix Release

FRIDAY JANUARY 17th: CHECK THE TECHNIQUE – An evening of funk, rhythm and hip-hop with Swift Technique ft. special guests at TIME 


FRIDAY JANUARY 31st: “Funky Friday” Album Release & Listening Party at World Cafe Live

Of the album and the ensemble, Jake Leschinsky, the band’s founder and bassist, wrote “Becoming a collective, has shaped the band’s identity, and the album is a reflection of the group’s collective approach. Everyone involved has had some part in the songwriting process.” 

Let’s talk first about “Landlord,” not just the single done in tandem with Philly’s mistress of soul, Lady Alma, but the video, and its “FREE RENT FOR A FRIEND” contest. 

“Philadelphia cartoonist and Illustrator Erik “The VItt” Horovitz of Smokey Tunes Productions helps Lady Alma and the Swift Tech crew get to Mars in an effort to avoid the bullshit of earth life,” notes Hurwitz. “There are over 24 Philadelphians appearing in the video in various forms – “Swifts’ Famous Friends” — each lost trying to find their way to Mars as well. Name them all and win the chance to ‘gift’ part-rent to anyone you want.”

That this all happens via their website, Instagram and Twitter is thrilling. Even more fun, however, is spotting them all – and I guarantee you won’t find me among the famous.

I’ll report back closer to landing. Enjoy “Landlord” and happy hunting.

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