Eagles Victory Song

Eagles’ Victory Song cover by Kane Kalas


As the Philly Eagles soar to Super Bowl LII, Kane Kalas, son of Hall of Fame Sportscaster Harry Kalas, releases his rendition of Eagles’ Victory Song.

In honor of the Philly Eagles’ momentous success and journey to Super Bowl LII, Kane Kalas, the son of legendary Hall of Fame Phillies sportscaster Harry Kalas, has released his cover of the Eagles’ Victory Song. 

Often referred to as Fly, Eagles Fly, the Eagles’ Victory Song, has been part of Philadelphia’s sports culture for decades. Even though many artists have put their own spin on this classic piece, Kane brings something entirely new with his version: a marching band vibe and powerful operatic vocals by the highly-trained recording artist.  

Eagles Victory Song

“If you’re ever in Philly when the Eagles are playing—it doesn’t matter where—you’re sure to know whenever the Eagles score a touchdown by the rumbling of ‘E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES’ from a chorus of fans throughout the city. There’s nothing more electric than being among a sea of fans at the Linc during a game and joining them in the chant after the Eagles score. The Eagles’ Victory Song is not only the fight song of the Philadelphia Eagles; in many ways, it is the fight song of the city of Philadelphia itself,” says Kane.

At the start of Kane’s cover is a monologue narrated by none other than Merrill Reese, the Philly Eagles sportscaster and the longest-lasting announcer in NFL history. Give it a listen HERE…

Kane vividly recalls watching Eagles games with his father while growing up and rooting for the Birds. In honor of his dad and the City of Philadelphia, Kane will soon be releasing High Hopes, his new album dedicated to his father and his city. 

Eagles Victory Song

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