Emily Weiner at Pentimenti Gallery


The “Ambiguous Figures” exhibition showcases paintings by Emily Weiner that use symbols to create an illusion of figures and ground relationships. The collection takes its name from the term “ambiguous figure”, a psychological term used for an image where the viewer can see two subjects or one subject from two different viewpoints based on their interpretation of the image as a whole.

Weiner’s paintings are inspired by theater and use symbolism from Yiddish theater, Greek drama, Commedia dell’arte, and music. The paintings are made on linen using oil and are framed in ceramic.

She achieves synchronicity in the combinations of forms by working in many layers of paint over a long period. She makes ceramic frames for each painting using a similar process, which increases the importance of the frame from being just an ornament to a crucial part of the artwork. Her paintings look at familiar icons, but she puts them together with unusual materials and in a feminist perspective.

Emily Weiner
Photo by Alex Crawford

“Ambiguous Figures”, a solo exhibition by Emily Weiner at Pentimenti Gallery runs from May 2 through June 10.

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