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Evil Genius Brewery and Auntie Anne’s New Brew Event


To commemorate the “Is Butter a Carb?” collaborative brew, Evil Genius Brewery and Auntie Anne’s hosted a party to celebrate Philly beer and pretzel joy.

Starting Oktoberfest in August wasn’t solely a good reason for a great party at Evil Genius Brewery and Beer Company’s 1700 Front Street headquarters in Fishtown last night. To be best prepared for the season, smart craft breweries drop their product early to be sales-ready for the October holiday rush and to get on shelves – so that their beer could fly off those same shelves.

On a Thursday night, to a packed house at its headquarters, Evil Genius Brewery debuted their new beer, “Is Butter a Carb?”, another goofy name in a history of goofy Evil Genius titles, an Oktoberfest Lager collaboration between Evil Genius Brewery and Auntie Anne’s soft buttery pretzels from upstate Pennsylvania. In their words, “the new brew is an innovative riff on the timeless Oktoberfest beer style brewed not only with imported German hops and malts, but also with fresh baked Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels.”

Evil Genius Brewery

The new beer comes in at 5.5% ABV and has all the makings of a classic Oktoberfest, such as a rich malt backbone balanced by delicate hop character, and features a prominent toasty flavor profile that is rounded out with pleasant salinity.

And yes, when you got hold of the cold yellow can at the beer premier party (not as easy as it would seem due to how crowded the celebration was and how enthusiastic every there was to try “Is Butter a Carb?”), the heady 5.5% ABV concoction was light, toasty, buttery and came with a hint of soft pretzel in its brew.

Evil Genius Brewery

To that end, and for full effect, an Aunt Anne’s soft pretzel truck sat outside the Evil Genius Lab giving out free pretzels to nibble as you sipped your “Is Butter a Carb?” (actually, an Evil Genius team member sat nearest the stage distributing samples of Auntie Anne’s various pretzels with additional tastes of Evil Genius brews: smart).

During the happy hour jamboree at Evil Genius Brewery HQ, I may have missed the German stein hoisting/liter lifting competition, but caught tons of traditional German music from the tuba-shaking Polkadelphia who performed throughout the festivities. Mainly, the night was about the beer. And that was delicious, to say the least.

Evil Genius Brewery

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