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G. Love is “Laughing in the Sunshine”


G. Love is everywhere this summer as he readies his new full length release, “Philadelphia Mississippi”.

Garrett Dutton, the blue, folksy hip hop singer, strummer and harmonicat we know best as G. Love, may not exclusively live in Philly as he did at the start of his career. That does not mean, however, that he isn’t always thinking of his kinda-sorta hometown.

We’ll have way more to say about this closer to its June release, but G. Love has named his upcoming new album “Philadelphia Mississippi”, and has filled it with familiar old friends from the City of Brotherly Love such as rapper Schoolly D and multi-instrumentalist Chuck Treece. Fact is, G.’s newest single, this week’s drop of May 11, “Laughing In The Sunshine”, was written by the skateboard hero.

G. Love
Image: Joe Navas

“‘Laughing in The Sunshine’ was written with Chuck Treece and it’s a summertime classic, a cool glass of lemonade and love,” G. Love wrote in a prepared note. “Performed by an all-star cast including myself, Chuck, Luther Dickinson, Tikyra Jackson, Boo Mitchell, Amy Bellamy and Sharisse Norman, it’s sure to get you off your seat and looking for a backyard BBQ to strut your stuff. Living, Loving, Laughing people all around enjoying a perfect day.”

G. Love’s “Laughing In The Sunshine” song is the second track so far to drop from his due-soon new album with “Love From Philly” (featuring Schoolly D and Chuck Treece), being it’s first.

“I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I’ve spent my entire life steeped in the music of the Delta,” he explains, “so the idea that there was this whole other Philadelphia down there always fascinated me. For the last thirty years, I’ve wanted to make a pilgrimage — not just a musical one, but a spiritual one — to the heart of the blues, and that’s exactly what this album is.”

G. Love

If that wasn’t enough, and you can’t wait to see and hear G. Love this summer, he’ll be appearing on August 18 at the TD Pavilion at the Mann, G and his harmonica can be seen and heard as part of the new advertising for Sun Bum vegan skin products.

Just saying.

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