Germantown Arts District

Germantown Arts District

The Germantown Arts District aspires to revitalize Philadelphia’s cultural and historical neighborhood by showcasing its vibrant artistic roots.

The Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia has always been a hub of creativity and a source of inspiration for the city. Recently, the creation of the Germantown Art District was announced, a new initiative aimed at showcasing the diverse culture and community of Germantown to the rest of Philadelphia, hosting various galleries and cultural associations that promote local artists and hold community events.

Germantown Arts District

GAD plans on hosting Fourth Fridays events and the Germantown Arts Festival this Fall to celebrate Germantown’s historical, cultural, educational, and community contributions in shaping and evolving the city of Philadelphia. During these occasions, local businesses will host special affairs, with music and vendors along the corridor. This Fall, the Germantown Arts Festival will celebrate artists, thought leaders, and creatives with live performances, exhibitions, and entertainment, paying tribute to Germantown’s influence on Philadelphia’s arts scene.

“I created the Germantown Arts District to increase the visibility of Germantown and build on our connection to the larger Philadelphia arts community. Our goal is to inspire young artists to connect and create by providing spaces and opportunities to engage. I want the city to recognize the district’s continued accomplishments in the arts sector.” – Kristen Clark, Germantown Arts District Founder.

Germantown Arts District
Kristen Clark, Germantown Arts District Founder.

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