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GoGo Morrow, Philly’s R&B Songstress


GoGo Morrow has a new single and is part of the Black Art is Forever Event in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival.

Since the arrival of Summer is now determined by all things Post (The Roots) Picnic, it’s as good a time as any to bring up new seasonal Philly music for June. With that, it’s hot fun in the summertime, starting with Philadelphia’s GoGo Morrow. On the heels of her World Café Live after-party appearance for The Roots Picnic last Sunday, this Philly-based R&B songstress has got a lot going for her going forward.

Jasmine “GoGo” Morrow has forever been known for her big backup voice on records and for live appearances with Wiz Khalifa, Lady Gaga and during Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir. Now, on a steamy, lively new solo single, “In the Way?”, one performed on Sunday night with Adam Blackstone and company at the after-party, Morrow proves that, as a solo artist with a sultry voice, she is capable of creating her own soulful shudder or two.

gogo morrow

“The Roots Picnic jam session was amazing,” says Morrow, en route to her next big performance at the Black Art is Forever Event in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday where Blackish (and all things “Ish”) creator Kenya Barris (the man responsible for getting Morrow signed to Interscope) will be attending the Tribeca fest/Black Art event. “It was so cool to sing with some of the best musicians in the world and in my hometown. I was really honored to be a part of it all.”

That this first single “In the Way?”, is her major-label debut via B.O.E/Universal Music Canada in partnership with Khalabo Music/ Interscope Records makes the track’s release in time for the summer charts (and its accompanying video, directed by the late Sebastian Sdaigui) a big deal.

gogo morrow

“I wrote ‘In the Way’ with my writing partner Shawn Butler a few years ago,” states Morrow. “It was the very first session that he and I did with my producer Harmony Samuels. I was going through something at the time so I started telling them about it, my way, and before we knew it, ‘In the Way’ was written. It honestly just came together like magic.”

GoGo Morrow’s next moves? “I have goals and moves I want to make, but I am trying to pace myself by focusing on my short-term goals. Right now, I’m very happy that I’ve finally released music and I plan on performing and promoting ‘In the Way’ as often as I can because I feel like everyone needs to hear it. That will be my main focus until the next single comes out… which is fairly soon.”

gogo morrow

And in regard to being a local artist and coming out of Philadelphia, GoGo Morrow is more pleased than she can say. “I’m honestly so proud to be from Philly. It’s the perfect training ground for artists. We are a tough city with even tougher critics, so if you can impress your own people, then you know you’ll be okay everywhere else.”

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