Grayscale Scale: Higher and Harder

On a weekend where the Alterna-Metal Pop of Incubus is selling out The Met Philadelphia, it’s great to know that locals, too, can play at that smooth singing/broken, but still sweet punk sound. That’s the noise and nuance of Grayscale, the Philly band whose plan of attack features a bombing on Theater of Living Arts on October 5.  

For just how Philly the ensemble is, check out their brand new video for “Young” and test your street smarts and local cues. 

Together since 2011 and high school, the five-some — vocalist Collin Walsh, guitarist/vocalist Dallas Molster, guitarist Andrew Kyne, bassist Nick Ventimiglia and whoever is drumming now that Nick Veno has flown the coop — have something of a latter-day R.E.M. feel to their narrative vibe while the rest of their sound fins them trafficking in the urgent sounds of 90s punk-metal and 70s power pop for a tonic edge to the proceedings. In quick succession, the quintet has gone from the hook-laden yet moodily downcast debut album of Adornment to the sprightlier, dare-I-say dancier crunch of “Nella Vita” without losing punk cred.

Plus, they spent a chunk of 2019 with a new producer, MACHINE (Armor For Sleep, As It Is, Lamb of God), and their single “Painkiller Weather” and its torrid tale of struggling with addiction is the all the more raging for it.

Grayscale’s new album, “Nella Vita” available from Fearless Records.

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