GWAR at Franklin Music Hall

GWAR violates Franklin Music Hall this weekend and releases their new album, “The New Dark Ages”.

Like Doctor Who, there is always a new group of GWAR – the crossover thrash heavy metal band originally based out in Richmond, Virginia starting in 1984 – to be found roaming across the universe, and like the many nattily-attired Doctors, we know each GWAR from their costumes. Their Vikings in hell grotesque outfits and interplanetary science fiction-themed mythology, topped off with lyrics pursuing graphic violence and a stage show ripe with fake blood (and worse) spurting – yeah, that’s GWAR. 

Famously, one of the first singers, shouters and front-men of the group – and there have been many was one-time Philadelphian and old friend Joe Annaruma aka Joe Throttle aka Joey Slutman, the latter who between 1985 and 1986 was the lead vocalist and sang on its Let There Be GWAR album among other tracks.

So, Philly will always be a part of the menacing GWAR universe.


This weekend, the intergalactic Lords and Masters GWAR, currently on their “Black Death Rager” tour of North America, bring the hammer down at Franklin Music Hall in Northern Liberties on October 28 just in time to celebrate three decades plus of shocking mirthful, mayhem filled metal, a new album, “The New Dark Ages.” via their own label Pit Records (with a three-piece-suite as part of the fury), and, of course, Halloween weekend.

Here’s the new video for their single, “Rat Catcher.”

All that and, the critically acclaimed documentary ‘This is GWAR’ – chronicling the early days of the band, along with their trials and tribulations, is available now on the horror streaming service Shudder, with a physical release on DVD and Blu-Ray scheduled for this October. And the band has just dropped its own new comic book, titled GWAR In the Duoverse of Absurdity, which is out now in partnership with Z2 Comics.

The Scumdogs of the Universe, GWAR, are waiting.

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