HipHarpCollective – Essential Music for the Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from Alina Bzhezhinska and the eclectic Jazz collaborative, HipHarpCollective. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Fire – HipHarpCollective


HipHarpCollective is an initiative led by international jazz harpist, Alina Bzhezhinska. The collective is made up of contemporary artists and collaborators, professional music makers, and electronic music producers.

Oblivious – Griffe¥ Jr


Compelling new self-produced neo-soul from emerging new Philadelphia rapper and producer, Griffe¥ Jr.

Fast – Kyle James


Kyle James is an exciting new artist from Detroit. “Fast” is the lead single from his new sophomore album “Climbing”. It’s a cleverly twisted punk, not punk, meets jazz, not jazz hybrid. Brilliant stuff.

Window Thoughts – Isatta Sheriff


Veteran London rapper, Isatta Sheriff has just released a full-length new collaborative album with Italian producer Koralle on Germany’s premiere hip hop label Melting Pot.

Waile – Witch


Witch is a Zambian band formed in the 1970s, and is widely seen as the most popular Zambian band of the 1970s. Economic collapse and increasing government authoritarianism saw Witch, like most Zamrock bands, fade away. The band was revived in 2012 after reissues of their records became popular abroad.

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