ILL DOOTS – Essential Music for the Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from the Philly based, live hip hop band, ILL DOOTS and their new track, “Food Chain”. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

IneFood Chain – ILL DOOTS


ILL DOOTS is a Philly based artist collective, known for being a band that makes quality music and creates experiences that feed the audience’s mind, body, and soul. ILL DOOTS’ eclectic musical consciousness shines through their exhilarating mix of hip hop elements with funk, jazz, rock and soul.

Crying Wolf – Truck North


Celebrated Philadelphia rapper and hip hop band, The Roots affiliate, Truck North, releases “Tijuana Bible”, 15 tracks of head nodding, old school inspired boom bap.  We went with the neck-snapping  “Crying Wolf” single, but every track on this full length is a winner.

Inception – Ar Ase


Emerging underground Philadelphia artist, Ar Ase, skillfully fuses rap with spoken word over colorful and gritty jazz beats. 

Escape from the Echo Chamber – Emily Francis Trio


The London, U.K. based group Emily Francis Trio combines jazz, funk, soul, and progressive rock on this latest project, “Escape From The Echo Chamber”.

Thinkin Bout You – Ah-Mer-Ah-Su


Los Angeles queer electronic collective Molly House celebrate five years with this new compilation.

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