Jasmine Cassell

Jasmine Cassell – Essential Music for the Next 7 Days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter Jasmine Cassell. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Touch – Jasmine Cassell

Jasmine Cassell

Jasmine Cassell is a Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter creating emotional, heartfelt rhythm and blues. Her newest release, Enim, a 6 song EP, tastefully fuses elements of other genres including hip-hop and bossa nova. Much of the EP orbits around relationships, reflection, and self-love. Brilliant.

Rising – Dell-P

Jasmine Cassell

Rising is a single taken from celebrated Philly rapper Dell-P’s latest album The People’s Emcee. Its samples of soul and rhythm and blues sensibilities make this a super inspiring and emotional composition. Highly recommended.

Schooled – Klein

Jasmine Cassell

Klein is a London United Kingdom multi-disciplinary artist repurposing audio in a very imaginative and experimental way to create ethereal and atmospheric soundscapes. 

Black Roses – The Muzes

Jasmine Cassell

We don’t know much about The Muzes unfortunately. However, their approach to making rap music instantly makes them stand out from the fray. Black Roses seamlessly incorporates indie and pop sensibilities while retaining authenticity and edge without coming across as corny or cheesy. Recommended

The Flightline Of A ButterflyLys Scott

Jasmine Cassell

Pittsburgh’s Lys Scott is a Thai American rapper making edgy, stripped-down hip-hop rhythm and blues. Her latest album, Smashed Dreams and Broken Wings, is a brutally honest and personal reflection of Lys coming to terms with her own identity and artistry.

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