Joleaha Larke

JoLeaha Larke: Connected

Meet and connect with Philadelphia Visual Artist and Photographer, JoLeaha Larke.

Name: JoLeaha Larke

Occupation: Visual Artist and Conceptual Photographer.

Current city: Philadelphia, PA.

Born and raised there or imported? Born and raised in Lebanon, PA. Went to college in Miami. Moved to Silver Spring, MD. Then somehow ended up in Philadelphia, PA.

What is your connection to your current city? I relocated here to pursue a career as an artist after commuting almost every other weekend for art shows and hanging out with friends I’d met in Miami and DC.

Joleaha Larke

What’s your favorite restaurant? ILMNO and Tierra Colombiana are my go-to’s since David’s and Pho 20 don’t do dine-in anymore.

Best place to shop? Target for everything non-clothing related. Otherwise, I shop online. MNML and Maniere de Voir have the drip essentials.

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about your city? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should? Tuna Bar is definitely a best-kept secret that I tell everyone about. I’ve also managed there for 5 years and still crave the food on my off days. And REC Philly and their plan to take over the world.

Joleaha Larke

What makes your city your city? What do you absolutely love about it? The people make Philly what it is. We are loud, unapologetic, and talented as hell. The latter being what I love most. Being surrounded by the next generation of greats.

Socials: @joleahalarke

Photos: courtesy of JoLeaha Larke

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