Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso

Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso Offers Exclusive Taste of What’s to Come

Don’t miss the final preview dinner at the Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso. Dive into vegetable-forward cuisine and get an early taste of the future Philly hotspot.

Philly foodies, mark your calendars for an exceptional evening. On Monday, September 18th, at 7 p.m., Oloroso, the city’s go-to spot for authentic Spanish tapas, will host the final preview dinner of Kiddo, a contemporary American restaurant set to open later this fall. This Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso will not just be another night at the restaurant; it promises an intimate, veg-centric experience led by Chef Wyatt Piazza, an alumnus of the Townsend Wentz Restaurant Group.

Priced at $75 per person, the multi-course meal will offer a sneak peek into what Kiddo has in store. Chef Piazza, once the Executive Chef at Oloroso’s sister restaurant, A Mano, is returning to Oloroso’s kitchen for one night. The dinner will be on the mezzanine level, giving it an exclusive dinner party atmosphere.

Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso
Chef Wyatt Piazza and Elizabeth Drake.

What’s on the menu for the Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso? Expect a delightful Summer Panzanella with heirloom tomatoes, Charred Eggplant Ravioli featuring Hidden Hills Allegheny Cheese, Wild Striped Sea Bass in fermented pepper sauce, and a decadent Salted Caramel Pie to wrap it up. Oloroso’s Executive Chef Jason Peabody expressed enthusiastic support for the event, praising Wyatt’s previous energy and contribution to Oloroso’s kitchen.

Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso
Chef Jason Peabody

But the Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso experience starts before the first course is served. Guests are invited to begin their culinary journey at Oloroso’s cherry wood bar, offering custom cocktails, exclusive sherry, and an expertly curated wine list available for purchase à la carte.

Kiddo’s official address will be 1138 Pine Street, and it aims to showcase Pennsylvania’s abundant, locally sourced produce through its vegetable-heavy, hyper-seasonal dinner menu. According to Piazza and co-owner Elizabeth Drake, Kiddo is more than just a restaurant; it’s a lively, fun space designed to unite people over great food and drinks.

Kiddo Pop-Up at Oloroso

Images: Neal Santos, KC Tinari

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