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Menu Offerings for Spring from Philly Selects

WhatdjaeatPhilly? Enjoy a shortlist of Springtime menu offerings available from a selection of Philly’s favorite eateries.

In the last several weeks, dosage Magazine and I have made a few stops to dine and drink and have come out of it all the wiser for it. To that end, here are several menu offerings fresh for Spring 2022 that should catch your eyes and taste buds. If not, son, you’re dead. Get yourself buried.

The Olde Bar’s Pork Chop
I know. I know. You go to the Olde Bar and you’re supposed to do the seafood because that is the tradition of the building, this being the Olde Original Bookbinders. That said, the crazy juicy pork chop with its porcini mushroom rub, lobster rice (here’s the seafood!), smoked gouda crème and broccoli rabe was, and is, the meaty bomb.

menu offerings
Pork Chop

Positano Coast’s New Springtime Chilled Lobster
Aldo Lamberti’s bright, airy design and furnishing re-do came with a lighter menu for the season that doesn’t skimp on taste sensations. With that, there is a tiny, mighty cylindrical tower of chilled lobster which is wrapped and stuffed with avocado and mango slices and served with a mustard vinaigrette. Dag.

menu offerings
Chilled Lobster

Le Poisson Cru at The Wayward: An American Brasserie
There is much to love on the menu at the 11th and Ludlow Street French-inspired American eaterie. Like everything. However, if you’re looking for lighter-than-light, the ceviche-like fluke, Leche de Tigre and Aji Amarillo experience is tender, tart and crazy flavorful.

menu offerings
Le Poisson Cru

Jen Zavala’s Chile Relleno Nueces available at Volver and Juana Tamale
A friend and I sampled Zavala’s Juana Tamale fare as part of Jose Garces’ curated Chef-on-Chef event at Volver and fell in love with all the bold flavors and delicate nuances of the Chile Relleno Nueces with roasted Anaheim chile, walnuts, yams, apricot, in tempura batter with salsa verde and radish slices. Yes, you could taste the walnut. That’s focus.

Roasted Sweet Potato at K-POD
Stephen Starr and Peter Serpico’s Korean re-do of University City’s POD is amazingly complex (and complexly amazing) at every bite – from its dumplings to its stewy Pork Ramyun to its Ssam platters. Yet, it is the simplest morsel (and I don’t usually do dessert) that is its tastiest affair: a basic, plump roasted sweet potato with brown butter, honey and Philadelphia-style vanilla ice cream. Yum.

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