murdur durdur

Murdur Durdur – Saturday Night Live’s Stab at Delaware County

HBO’s Delco County-based Mare of Easttown gets the spoof treatment by Saturday Night Live’s Murdur Durdur.

It’s funny that I actually waited to watch this weekend’s Saturday Night Live with host Elon Musk and guest Miley Cyrus until right before I was thrilled by the next episode of Sunday night’s new, usual mystery-fest, HBO’s Mare of Easttown. I had already witnessed all of the socials go by, and avoided YouTube clips featuring SNL and Kate McKinnon’s piss-take, not only on the spooky Mare (of course, the bugged-out creepy priest did it), but, once I got around to taking it all in… Bang! Murdur Durdur, the SNL bit with all of its close-enough-to-Philly accents, Wawa hoaaagies and badly dressed citizens of some vague Pennsylvania township nailed the Philly burbs to a Wissahickon Valley tree.

murdur durdur

On further study, the whole intricate bit was pretty damn hilarious and poetically accurate. Including a fleeing Gritty. The most liberal use of overextended, flattened “ohhhh” sounds and deadly dropped and dragged “r” tones witnessed since my last pot run in Folcroft. McKinnon’s use of the word ‘jagoff’ (not expressly Philly, but, still good if you’re stoned). A Keyser Soze-like police bulletin board crammed with photos of Tina Fey and Sylvester Stallone. And Beck Bennett’s banged, mullet without the party in the back look. 

Falling in love with Mare’s references to Girard College, an occasional neighborhood VFW and McKinnon’s (or rather, actress Kate Winslet’s) affection for character study and morning coffee at Wawa made the SNL portrait complete. 

murdur durdur

The only thing that is funnier than that skit is watching Facebook and Twitter going by with Philly yay or nay comments where SNL’s appropriation of all things Delco is concerned. If you have something to say, write us.

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