Park Water Exhibition at James Oliver Gallery

Park Water Exhibition at James Oliver Gallery

The Park Water Group Exhibition at James Oliver Gallery features the works of Clare Birtwistle, Katie Kaplan, and Alexis Nutini, showcasing diverse and immersive art forms.

James Oliver Gallery is thrilled to present Park Water, a captivating three-person exhibition featuring the works of Clare Birtwistle, Katie Kaplan, and Alexis Nutini.

Clare Birtwistle, an artist and designer from the North West of England, delves into the intricate relationship between form, composition, and color. Her wooden wall sculptures masterfully assemble and reassemble motifs, compositions, and hues, offering an intensified visual experience that seamlessly blends natural and manmade forms.

Philadelphia-based artist Katie Kaplan brings a unique perspective to the exhibition with her multidisciplinary practice encompassing screen-printing, quilting, sculpture, textiles, video, and installation. Kaplan’s works explore the natural world as a medium connecting spiritual and activist practices. Her art grapples with environmental destruction while proposing spiritual and cultural transformation solutions.

Alexis Nutini’s art stands out through his innovative use of stencil and collage to stain wood panels. This Mexican-American artist’s work, inspired by his cultural heritage and personal experiences, involves meticulous layering techniques akin to silk screens or woodcuts. Nutini’s process is marked by rigorous experimentation with relief printmaking, resulting in dynamic, varnished paintings that examine personal and cultural identity.

What binds these three artists is not just their dedication to the creative process, but also the profound themes they explore. Their works, while calculated and essential, offer a maximalist representation of their subjects, often evoking deep emotions rooted in our environment. This thematic unity is a vital aspect of the Park Water Exhibition.

The Park Water Exhibition at James Oliver Gallery runs from June 29th through July 27th, 2024, with an opening reception on Saturday, June 29th, from 6 to 9 pm.

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