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Police Touch Museum debuts “Rainy Days”


Police Touch Museum, fronted by Mike Parry, premiere their new single and music video, “Rainy Days”. 

Mike Parry has appeared in the pages of dosage MAGAZINE in the past for his work fronting, writing and playing guitar for the Philly-Jersey blues-rock ensemble, Dead Flowers, and our response to his achingly passionate music, so far, has been nothing short of excitably enthusiastic. Plus, he started writing and performing original songs at age 12 with acts such as The Infadolls and Princeton, so Parry should have this gig down cold by this point.  In a post-pandemic mood, Parry has now struck out (mostly) on his own with something even more tenderly emotional and wordy than what he’s done and did for Dead Flowers: a solo project by the name of Police Touch Museum and its debut release “Rainy Days” – a video and single making its world premiere at dosage MAGAZINE on its day of release, November 4.

Considering that Police Touch Museum plays a sentimental brand of indie rock that echoes Parry’s realizations on romance and coming-of-age, not easily fitting in, and a solace-seeking classicism, is part of the quiet passion play that is “Rainy Days”.

“I initially wanted the song to just be about a lazy day, but the line ‘I love you like the rainiest days’ just kind of came out of nowhere, which I think brought the song to a different place,” says Parry of his new single. “In terms of the sound, I felt this as a dreamy, slowed down pop jam that matches the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning with nothing at all to do.”

The fifth of Parry’s solo singles, “Rainy Days” is “supposed to be about the feeling of being with a person that makes the rest of the world feel obsolete – like the guilty pleasure of a rainy day and canceled plans.” Parry recorded this at home, with John D stepping in on drums at Gradwell House Recording in Haddon Heights, NJ. The song was mixed and mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House and will be live on all streaming platforms.

How Parry got to Police Touch Museum came from an idea to create a name and a place for all the music that didn’t quite fit with the style of my band The Dead Flowers. “After a couple years and a few single releases, I eventually decided I needed to put everything into this project and make it my main musical effort,” says Parry. “I’m in the process now of taking PTM from a bedroom hobby where I record everything myself to a collaborative effort – enlisting musician friends to help bring the project to life and start playing live.” 

police touch museum
Mike Parry

The current group of fellow Police Touch-ers consists of John DiNunzio (Drums), Casey Flemming (Bass) and Stephen Verdi (Guitar/Keys/Vocals), along with Parry, and, the first PTM show is set for Friday, December 30th at World Cafe Live.


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