Sensing the Sensorium Music & Arts Festival 2019 at the Ukie Club

“SENSORIUM” is the amalgamation of perception, the sum of sensation… It’s where experience and environment combine.

If the 2019 iteration of the Sensorium Music & Arts Festival is as transformative as its’ motto (“SENSORIUM” is the amalgamation of perception, the sum of sensation, it’s where experience and environment combine), the annual event will weirdly achieve a fresh form of nirvana. This year’s celebration occurs on August 24.

Firstly, any party that happens at the Ukie Club is a must (located at 847 N Franklin Street). Too few events happen at the hall where Diplo made his Philly DJ bones. Secondly, the spirit of Sensorium is, as usual, directed by Joe Vela, the drummer for Tweed who started this showcase of diversity in Philly music and arts in 2017 and guided by Tweed’s late friend, Suman Addya. 

The heart of the Sensorium is still its interactive exhibitions and installations (fueled by Sensorium 2019’s artists-at-large such as Zone Drums, Keith Wadsworth, Charlie Field, Keegan Tawa and Rasp 5) and its live electronic music. Headlined by the toast of upstate dark wooded Pennsylvania, Tobacco (Tom Fec, who has recently collaborated with Aesop Rock on 2018’s Malibu Ken and music for HBO’s “Silicon Valley”), Malaki, Agent Zero Live, Patrick Richards, Tygris, Wessanders, Solar Circuit, Golden Spiral, Nah Mean?, Stamoulo and, of course, Tweed. The official after-party plays host to Wax Future, Bad Leather & The Friend Zone, and Beard o Bees. 

Beyond that, anything is possible.

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