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Sung Yoo: Connected

Meet and connect with Sung Yoo, a California and New York based designer and mentor.

Name: Sung Yoo

Occupation: Designer and Mentor.

Current city: Bicoastal – Santa Monica and New York.

Born and raised there or imported? Born in DaeGu, South Korea, then we immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 3 years old.

Sung Yoo

What is your connection to your current city? Having lived in New York for the majority of my life, transitioning to the West Coast was a great opportunity for a new experience. With some energy towards discovery, there are incredible opportunities, and the effortless closeness to nature has been soothing. The quietude gained through COVID also ignited the creation of Big Little Universe. Driven by my commitment to embodying values that prioritize living with less with a focus on quality. This venture is aligned with the principles of essentialism and intentional living.

What’s your favorite restaurant? California: Farmshop, Felix Trattoria, Shirubé, Yangmani, Bulan. New York: ABCV, Estela, Lilia Ristorante, Edward’s, Nonono.

Best place to shop? Ingredient gathering requires several stops depending on what cuisine we’re cooking, but here is a mini list of where I’m a regular: Farmers Markets, Mitsuwa, Erewhon, and Tokyo Market.

Sung Yoo

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about your city? Take the time to discover the handful of private areas to beach at in Malibu, especially if you enjoy a view and the ocean.

Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should? The movie of your life is your choice. Notice and refine your mindset because the experience of your life is your choice.

Sung Yoo

What makes your city your city? What do you absolutely love about it? I’m enamored with the effortlessly scenic drives that California offers, whether within the state or beyond. A small amount of effort will show you an abundance of incredible landscapes and diverse communities. I particularly enjoy my own time spent in my car. It allows for travel towards a destination while immersing myself in playlists, captivating sounds, enriching podcasts, or silence. I find this to be an incredible luxury.

Socials: @sungsation, @biglittleuniverse, @sungyooquietude

Images: Matt Oliver

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