uptown beer garden

Uptown Beer Garden at Penn Center


Teddy Sourias’ Uptown Beer Garden rocks Penn Center, nudges up against Billy Penn atop City Hall.

If any area or singularly iconic property could use a little shaking up beyond family-friendly spraying fountains (which are, to be honest, more annoying than fun – call me the asshole, right?) its the one near City Hall, the tower where a grim Billy Penn stands, looming meanly over his town. Dag… I nearly depressed myself there for a minute. I’m talking about how, as of July 9, the LOVE Park spot where the old 7-11 resided at 15th and JFK Boulevard has magically opened up to Teddy Sourias and Craft Concepts Group and its remade, re-modeled and re-located Uptown Beer Garden.

uptown beer garden
Teddy Sourias

Known most for his many a crowded downtown/midtown Philly culinary and drinking entity such as BRU Craft & Wurst, U-Bahn, Kontrol and Finn McCool’s Ale House, Teddy Sourias’ new build-out of the Uptown Beer Garden envelops the next-to-nothing that existed previously along that entire corner’s sidewalk (the one where you could hear nothing but the roar of SEPTA trolleys and trains below, save for the occasional family still loudly seeking out the missing Rizzo statue).

uptown beer garden

Along with UBG’s blaring music (thankfully) wiping out the sad sounds of SEPTA, Sourias and his Craft Concepts Group have crafted a loud, fresh design that features everything from long, wide bars, a series of bench swings, cabana seating spots and VIP areas, and row upon row of tables and bar spaces looking out onto the skaters and shakers of LOVE Park. There is also an Uptown Beer Garden fountain crafted from recycled beer taps which then flows, lovingly, into a koi fish pond, to go with UBG’s custom-made art-icles. 

uptown beer garden

As for what to do, dine on and drink up while you’re Gardening, Uptown, check their site for a constant shift in the menu for its craft beers and eats. And get Billy Penn to cheer up while you’re there.

Images: Eddy Marenco

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