Wendee Yudis

"Fixations" - Wendee Yudis (Acrylic and Original Screenprint on Wood)

Wendee Yudis – “Untamed” at James Oliver Gallery

“Untamed” by Wendee Yudis, a vibrant pop art exhibition at James Oliver Gallery, challenges gender norms and celebrates female power.


Wendee Yudis: A Catalyst for Change Through Pop Art

In an art world craving innovation and depth, Wendee Yudis emerges as a beacon of both. Her latest solo exhibition, “Untamed,” presented by James Oliver Gallery, is a striking exploration of the constraints placed on women by societal norms. Through her vibrant, pop art-inspired pieces, Yudis delves into gender bias, sexuality, objectification, and body image with a refreshing blend of humor and bold color schemes. This exhibition not only showcases Yudis’ prowess as a Serigraph Mixed Media Artist but also reiterates her commitment to challenging traditional feminist narratives, offering audiences new perspectives on pressing issues.

Wendee Yudis James Oliver Gallery
“Bless Your Heart” – Wendee Yudis (Spray Paint, Acrylic and Original Screenprint on Wood)

Yudis’ artistic journey is adorned with significant milestones, from solo exhibitions at Ceres Gallery in NYC, Black Moth Gallery in Philadelphia, and Gallery 1633 in Chicago, to group showcases at prestigious venues like The Albright/Knox Museum and The Trenton Museum. Her education in Printmaking and Painting from Pratt Institute, coupled with studies in archaeology and photography, has imbued her work with a unique depth and breadth. Beyond the canvas, Yudis contributes her talents to the digital realm as a Web Designer and Art Director, evidencing her versatile command over visual narratives.

“Untamed”: A Bold Statement on Femininity and Power

“Untamed” is a movement. It challenges viewers to confront and reconsider the stereotypes and roles historically assigned to women. Yudis’ art serves as both a critique and celebration, urging a reevaluation of societal expectations and championing the strength of women to question and redefine these norms. The exhibition, part of the #refocus2024 initiative and a nod to the historical (re)FOCUS festival underscores the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the critical role of art in this conversation.

Wendee Yudis James Oliver Gallery
“Fun With Dick and Jane” – Wendee Yudis Photo-Silkscreen & Acrylic on Wood Panels

The opening reception on February 10 at the James Oliver Gallery set the stage for an immersive journey through the “Untamed” exhibition, which will continue to captivate audiences until March 16th. Wendee Yudis invites you to engage with her work, challenging societal norms while celebrating the indomitable spirit of womanhood. “Untamed” is a vibrant, thought-provoking dialogue between the artist and the community, that will leave a lasting impact on all who experience it.

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