Whiskey Rebellion John Y Wind

Whiskey Rebellion by John Y Wind


Hyatt Centric Center City Philadelphia presents the next exhibition in its Maker Series, Whiskey Rebellion by John Y Wind.

The Hyatt Centric Center City Philadelphia is excited to introduce Whiskey Rebellion by John Y Wind. This is the next entry in its Maker Series, a monthly program that focuses on local artists and creators. The exhibit, which recontextualizes decanters of key figures from the American Revolution and explores masculinity through a modern lens, will be on view from November 1 to 27. There will also be a Meet the Maker reception on Thursday, November 3; an Artist Talk on Sunday, November 6; and a Charm Bar on Saturday, November 19.

In his newest exhibition, Whiskey Rebellion, John Y Wind has fabricated sculptures that prominently feature embellished and recontextualized Jim Beam decanter collectibles, a crucial part of the mid-20th century whiskey culture. Jim Beam Distillery decanters came into existence in the 1950s when the company sought to avoid a federal whiskey tax by packaging excess output in hand-painted, figurative ceramic decanters and marketing them as collector’s items.

Whiskey Rebellion John Y Wind

The original target audience for these decanters were successful men in America’s growing post-war suburban middle class. John Y Wind discovered and was inspired by a collection of these decanters from the 60s and 80s focused on American Revolutionaries.

“It was the Heroes of the American Revolution that spoke to me, though probably not in their intended manner. These archetypes are canonical, mainstream, straight and white. Filling the bottles with whiskey, a real man’s drink, made them extra butch. I had to have them, and then, I had to play around with the narrative. Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton was also in the back of my mind with its time travel, pop culture mash-up, and outsider lens… I thought about the tropes of authority – The uniforms, decorations, and elaborate pedestals – and wanted to intervene, responding to the social and political concerns of our times, and redefining what a hero might look like today. This is my whiskey rebellion.” – John Y Wind.

Whiskey Rebellion John Y Wind
Artist John Y Wind.

Whiskey Rebellion by John Y Wind will be on display in the Hyatt Centric’s lobby from Tuesday, November 1st through Sunday the 27th.


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