NINObrand & Private School Collab

A NINObrand & Private School Collab: FAMILY PORTRAIT

Founder of NINObrand and Private School, Bela Shehu unites forces in the worlds of art and fashion for a powerful editorial collaboration. 

Bela Shehu, the Philadelphia-based Fashion Designer behind NINObrand and founder of Private School curated an editorial project that was featured on the Private School site. Styled and directed by Bela herself, she incorporates apparel from NINObrand, Ikire Jones, jewelry by John Wind, modeled by Ade Jaiye and Akin Jaiye, with works of art included in the photographs by the late Dina Wind.

NINObrand & Private School Collab

Bela’s first designs for NINObrand were introduced in 2011 in a close intimate setting that affirmed her decision to take her craft to the next level. Driven by the desire to design with purpose, Bela never ceases to naturally execute her intentions and bring her visions to life in more ways than one. 

The NINObrand design house continues to live and thrive at its atelier in the East Falls section of Philadelphia where you can set up an appointment to shop the collections and explore Bela’s world.

NINObrand & Private School Collab

Also featured in the editorial is the fashion label Ikire Jones, by designers Wale Oyejide and Sam Hubler. They use fashion as a vehicle for storytelling and to change perceptions about marginalized populations, immigrants, refugees, and migrants, all through the veil of clothing. Their apparel resonates beautifully with those who see themselves represented in it without being made for any particular gender or identification. With featured work in the films Black Panther and Coming to America 2, the brand’s charge is to use the spotlight to further its cultural mission. 

NINObrand & Private School Collab

Looking closer into the editorial, drawing focus is the jewelry and artwork of John Wind and his mother, the late Dina Wind. Dina Wind — the badass object assemblage sculptor and lady welder whose art anticipated much of today’s conversation about sustainability, up-cycling, and gender roles. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as John Wind grew up surrounded by the creative energy of his mother. He found his own niche also working in assemblage, specializing in collage jewelry and narrative sculpture.

Their practices, beliefs and expressions still come together in a refined 1910 South Philly Stable. It is home of the John Wind Studio and Dina Wind Art Foundation; with the mission to continue to share Dina Wind’s art and her commitment to empowering differences and transforming lives by supporting living artists, helping create a better world through the power of art.

The universe has allowed these artists and designers to cross paths at some point in time on their journeys, which ultimately enabled this project to come to life. Collaboratively, this editorial emphasizes and showcases all the creative aspects from everyone involved. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is transferred or transformed from one thing to another.

I believe that when certain forces, or people, come together… great things can happen with the right intentions.

Images: Brian Lauer

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