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Art In The Age – A Summer Social

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A visit to Old City’s Art In The Age will have you rethinking what you consider a liquor store.

Art In The Age has been serving patrons of Old City Philadelphia since 2008, offering a variety of beverage products, which include a tasting room, home bar supplies, and a bottle shop. Founder Steven Grasse created the Art In The Age brand using ingredients and recipes inspired by Pennsylvania history. The AITA artists’ collective is the experimental arm of his spirits-focused creative agency Quaker City Mercantile, which provides a comprehensive selection of unique spirits for the home bartender.

Art in the Age

With a wide selection of exclusive spirits, unconventional recipe books, and top-tier tools, this unique and creative space offers a spirits experience outside of the typical liquor store aisle. Art In The Age also offers educational workshops, tastings, and home mixology training, in addition to bar tools, mixers, bitters, and glassware.

As stated on its social media platforms, Art In The Age “believes in empowering artists to [produce] high quality work marked by fine craft and intellectual rigor. We do so by applying the fruits of such labors to the cultural forms of everyday life, granting those who wish to engage the opportunity to do so in his/her own environment. Rather than exist at a distance in the white cube of the gallery space, we weave our offerings into the collective surface of myriad personal contexts.”

Art in the Age

It would be impossible not to describe an enjoyable visit to Art In The Age in one word: Cheers!

art in the age

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