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Art in the Age – Virtual Kitchen Cocktail Workshop

Thinking and drinking and cocktail shaking at Art in the Age.

Art in the Age is probably Old City’s only storefront to have been, at one time or another, a clothing boutique, an art gallery, a handcrafted tchotchke shop, booze manufacturer, and a bar masquerading as a tasting room. It has been, like all of us during the nearly-year long, coming up quick, pandemic, thinking and drinking. 

Starting this weekend, however, the one-of-a-kind bar, tasting room, and bottle shop and its team of mixologists have concocted a series of virtual cocktail workshops. Kitchen Cocktails (February 26, March 26, and April 30) means to, in their words, “beat cabin fever, whether for the at-home bartender looking to tune-up their skills. Or for parties of two interested in truly socially-distanced gatherings.”

Sure, the classes are $120 each but, you do get a 750mL hand-selected spirit from the Art in the Age shop. Ask for ROOT, or that Ginger jawn that Art in the Age made. Amazing! All the bitters and mixers needed for the makings of two seasonally crafted cocktails and admission to one custom virtual cocktail workshop are included. You can register online at their site. After buying tickets to the virtual class online, you are going to have to leave the house to pick up the cocktail kits at N. 3rd Street’s Art in the Age shop during store hours. But, you drinking at home, has its price.  

art in the age

The Art in the Age classes even have cute woozy names:

February 26th – Cabin Fever, $120
March 26th – CBD Dreams, $120 
April 30th – Springtime Spritz, $120

Andrew Campbell, the General Manager at the Art in the Age shop says, of his handling the Tasting Room during COVID, that, “Since the start of the pandemic, we have continuously made adjustments to our day-to-day operations based on city and state policies.But, most importantly, what we feel is safest for our staff and guests. Since Art in the Age exists as both a tasting room and retail space, our priority has been striking a balance between a unique yet approachable shopping environment. While also providing a fun, informative and safe tasting experience. Our street-side cocktail lounge has been a vital extension to our tasting room. From delicious bottled cocktails, to tastings and workshops, this space has allowed us to continue to provide a dynamic experience for guests that stays true to the heart and soul that is Art in the Age.”

Ok, there’s that. But what about that Art in the Age Virtual Cocktail Workshop? I’m tired of mixing up martinis only.

“We have learned that during this pandemic, versatility and customization are crucial to our virtual cocktail workshops,” said Campbell. “Art in the Ages provides anything from a simple Cocktails 101 to more in-depth mixology workshops using unique ingredients. From intimate couples workshops to large-scale corporate events, we work with you to provide the best fitting cocktail experience possible. We even provide Custom Cocktail Consultations where we virtually walk through your at-home bar. And provide you with tips on how to expand or upgrade your current selection of spirits, mixers, and tools in order to maximize the potential of your home cocktail experience.”

art in the age

Campbell continued, “Additionally, there’s the launch of our monthly Kitchen Cocktails series. A monthly virtual workshop exploring unique themes, such as, CBD cocktails and springtime spritz’. Each month, participants can purchase their Kitchen Cocktail Kit from our website and on the last Friday of that month, join our mixologists for a virtual workshop where they learn how to make two seasonal cocktails using the ingredients provided in the kit.”

Start your engines.

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