The Old City Art Walk has gone to the dogs (and cats)

Though the notion of the local gallery corridor has changed and subdivided itself, lovingly, across Exhibition Area Philadelphia to include all neighborhoods and days of the week since the dawn of the Old City Art Walk, there are still a dozen reasons on a monthly basis to hit up 2nd and 3rd Streets below Market every First Friday.

My reasons just happen to focus on pets.

When I lived in Old City at the inception of the Old City Art Walk, I used to bring my springer spaniel/terrier Spundie to gawk and drink (I sipped wine, he did not) while perusing the open door galleries. I don’t know that I would bring my Pharaoh Hound, Tia, down there now with all the crowds. But I would have several better reasons to do so at present.

Tia, the Pharaoh Hound.

On October 4, between 6 and 7 p.m. at Christ Church at 2nd and Market, there is the annual Animal Blessing in the garden of Christ Church. That was always a fall favorite of Old City life, one where the rector comes out and offers a blessing to any and all animals and pets you bring by. Maybe you’re not a religious person (you damned heathen), but, why make that Godly decision for your dog, cat, ferret, fish, or bird? You can go to Hell. Your dog needn’t. (For anyone who misses the Old City blessing on Friday night, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul on Christian Street is doing its blessing of animals on Saturday, October 5 at noon).

The other Old City animal-related event on Friday, October 4, is dedicated to and hosted by author Lisa Roberts’ cat, Mr. Waffles, at Millésimé, 33 N. 2nd Street, with “Mr. Waffles Loves Design & PAWS – Look into our Front Window!”

The 7 to 9 p.m. event is a book signing with Ms. Roberts, and Mr. Waffles for the Philadelphia launch of “Mr. Waffles Loves Design.” Throughout the night, PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, will be onsite at Millésimé with adoptable cats and dogs. All profits from book sales that day will go to PAWS.

Image: Reese Amorosi

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