Chef Keith Bernstein

Chef Keith Bernstein Takes the Helm at Stella of New Hope

With his rich experience and innovative vision, Keith Bernstein is set to redefine dining at Stella of New Hope as Executive Chef.

Stella of New Hope has welcomed a new culinary visionary to its kitchen as Chef Keith Bernstein, a Philadelphia native with two decades of robust experience in the culinary arts, steps in as the new Executive Chef. Under Chef Bernstein’s guidance, Stella continues its tradition of celebrating the region’s flavors and ingredients, forging closer ties with local farmers and food artisans. This commitment to regional culinary excellence is evident in the new dinner offerings, with promises of revamped lunch and brunch menus soon.

Chef Bernstein’s culinary journey is both inspiring and deeply rooted in tradition. Bernstein’s passion for cooking has been a constant drive from his early days in the kitchen alongside his mother to formal culinary training at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. The Chef’s skills were honed under the mentorship of illustrious chefs such as Jean-Marie Lacroix and Matt Levin at Lacroix Restaurant, where he absorbed the nuances of high culinary art. Before his tenure at Stella of New Hope, Chef Bernstein led the kitchen at El Camino Real in Northern Liberties for seven years, followed by a significant role as Regional Chef for Table 95 Group, managing City Tap house locations.

Bernstein’s enthusiasm for engaging with the farm communities of Bucks County is palpable, and his vision for the restaurant’s menus reflects a refined French American cuisine that pays homage to the local landscape’s bounty. The recent introductions to the dinner menu — ranging from Chile Prawns and “Bacon & Eggs” to Harissa Roasted Carrots, Pan Seared Dorade, and Jurgalweitz Farm Duck Breast—signal a fresh, innovative direction that is both sophisticated and reflective of the region’s culinary heritage.

Chef Keith Bernstein Stella

Sherri Daugherty, the owner of Stella of New Hope, expresses confidence in Chef Bernstein’s ability to lead the culinary team and innovate the menu. Bernstein’s extensive experience and his creative approach to menu development position him as a pivotal figure in the restaurant’s quest to offer an unparalleled dining experience. Located at the Ghost Light Inn at 50 S Main Street, Stella of New Hope is more than just a restaurant; it’s a destination where the love for local ingredients and exquisite cuisine come together under the stewardship of Chef Keith Bernstein.

With a focus on local collaboration, culinary excellence, and innovative menus, Bernstein will enchant diners with an authentic taste of the region, redefining the dining experience in New Hope. Stella of New Hope not only offers breathtaking views but now, with Chef Bernstein’s leadership, promises a culinary adventure that is truly beyond words.

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