Child Support

Child Support – A play by Desi P. Shelton, directed by Ozzie Jones

Immerse yourself in the poignant world premiere of “Child Support”, a play diving into the complexities of single parenthood and financial struggles.

Uplifting and raw, the world premiere of “Child Support” by Desi P. Shelton delves into the emotional and financial ramifications of navigating the intricate child support game. With a backdrop of humor and hyper-theatricality, this site-specific immersive experience, directed by Ozzie Jones, sheds light on the complex dynamics of single parenthood within a broken system. The play, set in a Camden row house, masterfully captures the struggles and aspirations of individuals impacted by the demanding cycle of support.

Presented by Camden Repertory Theatre, “Child Support’ showcases the tale of a mother fighting to provide, a father striving to break statistical odds, and a daughter yearning for love. Within the confines of a living room, audience members become part of the narrative, entering the world of a single Black mother and her 17-year-old daughter as they reluctantly play the “Child Support Game Show”.

Child Support
Playwrighter and Actress Desi P. Shelton.

Shelton’s multifaceted talent shines as she stars as Ajani, the single mom, alongside Chynah Michele in the role of Muff. Shelton, the founder of Camden Rep, brilliantly critiques social issues through the lens of her own experiences, bringing depth and authenticity to her work. Jones, a Barrymore Award-winner, directs this emotionally charged narrative, intertwining personal experiences with societal questions.

Child Support
Actress Chynah Michele.

The immersive experience extends beyond the stage, transforming the theater entrance into a Monopoly board, symbolizing the intricate “child support game”. Through humor and introspection, the play brings to light the undeniable impact of decisions made within the legal arena on the lives of those involved.

Child Support
Director Ozzie Jones.

The play is more than a production; it is a platform for dialogue and reflection on the complexities of parenthood, responsibility, and societal norms. The production challenges us to question the system, allowing audiences to empathize with those caught in its cycle.

“Child Support”, a daring exploration of parenthood and immersive experience, runs from October 13th through October 28th at Camden Repertory Theatre.

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