Explore the unfiltered beauty of human vulnerability and authenticity at “OBSESSIONS” by Tony Ward at Prism Arts Philadelphia.

Realize the captivating world of human vulnerability and the unfiltered beauty of the human form at “OBSESSIONS” by Tony Ward, an upcoming art exhibition presented by Prism Arts Philadelphia. This thought-provoking event invites attendees to delve into the depths of the human spirit and celebrate the genuine authenticity that resides within all of us.

Tony Ward embarked on his professional journey in 1980, and over the past 25 years, he has delved into the intricate intersection of fashion and erotic photography. With a keen focus on the visual impact of the 1960s sexual revolution on advertising and magazine publishing, Ward’s photography challenges societal boundaries. He probes the fine line between art and obscenity, encouraging contemplation of cultural norms and the evolution of photographic representation across different societies. Through his lens, Ward delves into the essence of freedom of expression. His work delves into the complex impact of censorship on the trajectory of photography’s history within the United States.


Tony Ward’s artistic prowess extends beyond the realm of capturing evocative imagery. He has previously shared his expertise with students, serving as a former lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Ward contributes as a visiting instructor of Fine Arts at Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. His involvement in academia underscores his dedication to fostering a deeper understanding of art and its multifaceted influences.

“OBSESSIONS” by Tony Ward is more than an art exhibition; it explores the human condition and the layers that make us who we are. As Prism Arts Philadelphia opens its doors to this extraordinary showcase, scheduled to run from October 6th to October 27th, guests can immerse themselves in thought-provoking visuals that challenge conventions and ignite meaningful conversations. As you step into this exhibition, you’ll find yourself contemplating the intersection of art, expression, and societal norms through the lens of a visionary artist.

This is a must-not-miss exhibition.

Images: Tony Ward

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