Concert Cocktail & Wine

Concert Cocktail & Wine Series at Panorama

As iconic artists take the stage in Philadelphia, the Panorama Concert Cocktail & Wine Series pays tribute to their melodies. From Aerosmith to Queen & Adam Lambert, each performance is paired with a unique libation that captures the essence of the music.

Philadelphia’s renowned wine bar, Panorama, nestled within the Penn’s View Hotel, is set to take the city’s vibrant music scene to new heights with its exclusive Concert Cocktail & Wine Series. As the city welcomes a lineup of iconic musical artists, Panorama is rolling out a curated selection of cocktails and wine flights that pay homage to the performing artists. From classic rock legends to contemporary pop sensations, this unique series promises an elevated experience for music and wine enthusiasts alike.

Panorama is ready to offer a melodic journey for concert-goers. As Philly prepares to host legendary musicians like Aerosmith, Lynard Skynyrd, ZZ Top, PINK, Jonas Brothers, John Mayer, and Queen & Adam Lambert, Panorama is crafting specialized cocktails and wine flights that capture the essence of each artist’s music.

Concert Cocktail & Wine
Sucker Cocktail

On September 2nd, when Aerosmith rocks the Wells Fargo Center, Panorama’s “Walk This Whey” cocktail will resonate with fans, featuring gin, peach syrup, rosemary, lemon, and a hint of vanilla whey powder. Lynard Skynyrd’s and ZZ Top’s performances on September 16th inspire an Italian Nebbiolo wine called “Barbaresco” La Vedetta ’19, and the “Sharp Dressed Manhattan” cocktail, a sophisticated blend of rye, vermouth, Amaretto, and a dash of Amaro Nardini.

PINK’s vibrant music takes center stage on September 19th, as Panorama serves up the “5 Shades of Pink Rosé Flight,” offering an array of Rosé wines from around the world. Jonas Brothers’ catchy tunes inspire the “Sucker” cocktail, a playful concoction featuring vodka, apple pucker, Grand Marnier, and a cherry-gummy bear garnish on September 21st.

Concert Cocktail & Wine
Walk This Whey

On October 7th, John Mayer fans can savor the “Gravity” Wine Flight, featuring a selection of robust red wines that parallel Mayer’s soulful melodies. As Queen & Adam Lambert captivate audiences on October 18th, Panorama presents the “Another One Bites the Dust Espresso Martini,” a rich blend of tequila, espresso, agave, and molé bitters, accompanied by a chocolate bite and nutmeg dust.

Concert Cocktail & Wine
Another One Bites the Dust Espresso Martini

For those seeking a harmonious blend of music and fine wine, Panorama offers an exclusive experience that resonates with the soul. Whether indulging in meticulously crafted cocktails or savoring a curated flight of wines, guests are invited to celebrate the artistry of music while enjoying Panorama’s warm and inviting atmosphere. Reservations can be made through OpenTable for a night of unforgettable melodies and exceptional flavors.

Images: Kristen Jorgensen

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