Demystifying Diversity Daralyse Lyons AnnaMarie Jones

Demystifying Diversity Podcast hosts Daralyse Lyons and AnnaMarie Jones.

Demystifying Diversity: Empathy through Education and Innovation

We, as individuals, can be both united and limited by race, class, sex, location, social class, and any other demographic. To transcend our boundaries, we must first appreciate them and find the beauty in them, or else our uniqueness will haunt us. If we, as a society composed of groups and individuals, aim to move forward in our lives, we must first acknowledge and own where the experiences of our past are continuing to impact the lives we’re living now. This can occur on a personal or societal level, as it is easy to miss how much of a role the greater culture one lives in can affect the individual.

The Demystifying Diversity Podcast is the upcoming arena for this incredibly important showdown to begin. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are pertinent topics that can be addressed by anybody, but it is absolutely necessary to hear a world of perspectives before one can truly see the context in its entirety. Daralyse Lyons and AnnaMarie Jones, the hosts of the Demystifying Diversity Podcast, have devoted the time and passion necessary for this cultural revolution to continue and for this society to flourish, by bringing these uncomfortable conversations to the forefront. If you want to see the world, buy into the uncensored nature of this podcast.

Demystifying Diversity Daralyse Lyons AnnaMarie Jones

By combining over 100 interviews from a range of participants and backgrounds, the podcast highlights a variety of themes related to diversity, equity and inclusion. As a listener, you will be exposed to new and important subjects and you will have your perspectives challenged. This is a growth opportunity and a serious opening to find empathy in this often insensitive world. Chances are you have an emotional investment in the current events of this nation’s social landscape. The Demystifying Diversity Podcast is an eye-opening resource to better recognize what is going on underneath the surface and also recognize why people act the way they do. According to Lyons, “We aren’t looking for uniformity of ideas and, in fact, we encourage people to reach out through our Q&A line to offer their ideas and insights.” The Demystifying Diversity Podcast is a forum for discussion and a medium for you to recognize how implicated we all are with these issues.

People want these topics to be discussed and these problems to be addressed. Not by anchors reading from teleprompters, but honest experiences spoken from the heart by people like you. Everyone experiences or comes across varying degrees of discrimination throughout their lives personally or through eyewitness viewpoints. It is time we receive a thorough self-education in this regard, while we still can. Two Pennsylvania journalists saw this demand and did something about it. Now it is time for you to do something. Educate yourself. Listen to what diversity has to say. We all could take a seat at the table of the school of life. Let your first lessons in cultural competency begin with the Demystifying Diversity Podcast.

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