Wonton Project

Ellen Yin’s Wonton Project


The Wonton Project is a Philly focused campaign by Ellen Yin, with proceeds benefitting Asian Americans United and Advancing Justice.

.With racism and bigotry toward Asian-Americans at its highest and most volatile, Philadelphia’s Ellen Yin and her High Street Hospitality Group has not only joined #doughsomething, the national campaign to help promote an equitable and fair society for all, inclusive of Asian-Americans. Yin has begun her own campaign that sounds as tasty as it is smart: The Wonton Project, now through May 31.

Wonton Project

“I remember as a child wrapping wontons with my mom and grandmother,” said Yin in an email note. “Our recipe for The Wonton Project is inspired by my mother’s original in which we use Country Time Farm pork, shrimp and Napa cabbage. We serve with Keepwell Vinegar Soy Sauce.”

The launch of @thewontonproject features a citywide popup which serves downtown, uptown and all-around via pickup and delivery with proceeds benefitting Asian Americans United and Advancing Justice, who advocate for civil and human rights of Asian Americans and other underserved communities. 

You can Wednesday-Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm., with a follow on social media, @thewontonproject, as well as HERE.

Wonton Project

dosage MAGAZINE readers will recall that Ellen Yin has been behind so many innovations when it has come to pandemic dining. Both to benefit staff and those devoting dining fans who eat at Fork and such. High Street Philly opened a new location in Washington Square West, created “Family Meal” for COVID-19 dining and helped re-write more than a few rulebooks.

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