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Emo Nite at Underground Arts and More


Your Philly Emo weekend includes Emo Nite and My Chemical Romance.

Philly is a great place for Emo. Anthony Green is from Doylestown, and, along with his solo output, famously leads Circa Survive, Saosin and The Sound of Animals. The late, great Modern Baseball was born and bred here, as is still-going The Wonder Years, The Menzingers, Cayetana and newer acts such as Whine Moms and Thin Lips. Though they have just a little more of a percussive kick, now, Hop Along, is still a pretty glorious Emo ensemble. The very sad, punk-pop Emo genre is a very happy one when it comes to Philadelphia.

emo nite

We’ve celebrated Emo Nite – the Los Angeles-born-now-nationwide-spread dance party before, but this Friday, August 26 at Underground Arts is its return in a live, “post-pandemic” (using the word lightly) setting. Emo Nite co-founders Morgan Freed and TJ Petracca have, for the last eight years, not only celebrated locals at its various stops across the U.S., they debuted bad rapping Machine Gun Kelly’s pop-punk persona, gave Yungblud one of his first American shows, and re-awoken Avril Lavigne to the pop punk firmament. You too could be an Emo sensation.

That said, the kings of all that is Emo – the too-long-away My Chemical Romance and its front-man, singer Gerard Way – have reunited and will play its first Philadelphia showcase at the Wells Fargo Center on August 29. Yes, Way wrote “The Umbrella Academy” graphic novels now on Netlfix so that makes him a literary Emo overlord as well as a musical one. MCR have its first new song in ages out now, in “Never Say Never,” and the whole August 26 through 29 Weekend just wreaks of Emo’s forlorn freak out. So celebrate loudly, but, you know, in a really mournful moaning fashion.

emo nite


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