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Joy To The Polls party at Silk City

Get your vote on or at least get excited about voting at the Joy To The Polls party at Silk City.

dosage MAGAZINE is in no way telling you how to vote – when it comes to the MidTerms or any other election. dosage MAGAZINE is, however, imploring you to vote, or, at the very least dance yourself into a froth regarding the electoral process. But how to blend the groove, grit and kink of Philly nightlife with a serious excitement for the power of midterms voting? Joy To The Polls has an answer.

As is a non-partisan initiative bringing energy to the act of voting, Joy To The Polls has already made its marks: on Election Day of November 2020, Joy to the Polls organized artists, DJs and musicians such as The Roots’ Questlove and Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda to hang out and provide floating concerts and commentary to polling sites around the country.

“Though voting is just one tool for change, it’s an important one this year so we’re throwing pop-up parties to get everyone in Philly hyped up ahead of November,” states its press legend.

After one night with Philly’s Flygrrl, on August 28, Joy To The Polls partners with the Philadelphia non-profit The Big Clean Up Crew (they organize trash clean ups throughout the city, particularly in its most underserved neighborhoods) for The Big PlayBlack at Silk City on August 28.

joy to the polls

From 2 pm until 7 pm, The Big Clean Up Crew and Joy To The Polls will welcome Matthew Law, Gianni Lee, Fuego-Mayo and Yung Honey Dip to perform on Spring Garden Street, while exciting the crowds about midterm voting.

Joy To The Polls Executive Producer Ginny Suss told dosage MAGAZINE, “My hopes for the midterms are that we can turn out voters in droves, with music leading the way. Our goal is to inspire and excite voters, particularly the youth, to get engaged and turn up. We know, historically, the midterms have a huge voter drop off rate. We are trying to combat that by raising awareness around the midterm elections with fun and joy. What better way to bring people together and create the world we want to see, where voting is a celebration, than with music?”

Do that.

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