free covid testing

Free Covid testing for Philly restaurant workers

Fergus Carey’s Sansom Street The GOAT, closed since the early 2020, will be the location for free Covid testing for Philly restaurant workers and their families.

It is no secret that, like restaurant workers across the globe, Philadelphia’s food crews – white linen, casual dining, meal trucks – have been fucked by C-19 and often arbitrary state and city governmental quarantines. While Delco restaurants open indoors this week, the rumor is that Philly eateries will open their doors to indoor dining next week, January 15th to be precise.

All that aside, with the proof-positive option of vaccination in the air, but, still so much uncertainty abounding (do you know for certain where to get your shot? And when? And whether you will do take the vaccination or not?), the best thing would be to know where you stand with the virus. Which means, first, getting tested. Something local governments haven’t foisted onto the community.

Nicole Marquis Marches On

To that end, Nicole Marquis, the founder of the 250 plus strong Save Philly Restaurants coalition (and CEO of the Marquis & Co. family of 9 plant-based restaurants, including HipCityVeg, Charlie was a sinner, and Bar Bombón) hooked up free Covid testing weekly at Fergus Carey’s Sansom Street The GOAT in order to slow any spread of Covid and keep workers and customers safe during Philly’s re-entry into indoor dining.

Starting Thursday, January 7 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Philadelphia restaurant workers, their families, and other hospitality workers will receive the gift of free Covid testing, provided by Ivee on-site testing.

free covid testing
Nicole Marquis

“Testing is such an essential piece of the puzzle to keeping restaurants open and our workers and customer safe,” said Marquis. “We just couldn’t wait any longer for the government to make it happen for us, so. On top of everything else we are dealing with, we had to take this on ourselves. Through our own legwork, we have secured free weekly testing for the Philadelphia restaurant industry. This will save us all time, money, and anxiety, and hopefully slow the spread of Covid, as we wait for the vaccine to roll out more widely.”

You want to eat at a swell Philly restaurant? Make sure your workers are safe, and that you care.

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