Adrian Mowry: Connected

Adrian Mowry: Connected

Meet and connect with Musician, Bar Manager and Philadelphian – Adrian Mowry.

Name: Adrian Mowry

Occupation: Beverage Manager at Tattooed Mom. Musician. And amateur old motorcycle mechanic.

What is your connection/relationship to Philly? I was born in Woodstock NY. Not on a concert blanket, by the way. I moved around a bit but grew up mostly outside of Philly in the “backyard” of the Main Line. I’ve lived in Philly since the mid-nineties worked in a couple of punk rock stores on South Street while playing in bands. I never thought I’d stay and had a spot to work on a boat bound for the Fiji islands when fell in love and decided to stay in Philly. I’ve traveled all around the world and this country since then and it’s still my home. 

Adrian Mowry: Connected
Adrian Mowry

Favorite restaurant in Philly? There are too many great places to just name one. And unfortunately, they are all in trouble now and need a lot of help. Let’s just say my favorite places to eat range from Vernick to Nicks’ Old Original Roast Beef.

Best place to shop in Philly (food, clothes, gifts, jewelry, etc). Select one? Well if I had to pick one area to shop I would say the South Street area. Sure, there are probably too many places to buy the same glass pipe or some random stores that just pop up and disappear before you ever know what they are. But the core of the street still has iconic interesting small businesses that are unique and fun and you can just about find anything you need food, clothes, jewelry, water pipes. 

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about Philly? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should… The best kept secret is that people who live in Philly are friendly but they are tough and they can smell bullshit a mile away. So you have to come correct here because Philadelphians will let you know what they think of you. But if you are a solid person you will always have a family here. 


What makes Philly your Philly? My Philly is everyone’s Philly. That’s why I stay here. I need the diversity the constant wonderment of my surrounding so I can continue to learn or I get bored. And Philly never bores me. 

What do you absolutely love about the city? I love the people. I love the passion and the entrepreneurial aspect of this city. 

Adrian Mowry: Connected


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