Future-Perfect Music

Future-Perfect Music from Philly, Post Grammys

With the Grammys done and South Philly’s Bobby Rydell sadly passed, it is a moment to reflect and move on the immediate future-perfect music from locals. 

Sheer Mag
South Philly’s raging metal punk ensemble Sheer Mag just scored one of the headlining slots for the first ever Phone-Free Over Yondr festival to be held in the campground of Greene County, New York from June 24-26.

Future-Perfect Music

Playing upon the irony of the situation, Yondr – who famously makes lockable phone pouches so that you can’t record and bootleg live shows – will lock your phone away for three days but will provide phone-usage spaces. Three days without easy access to your phone somewhere rural: can you handle that? Is Sheer Mag worth it?

PNB Rock
dosage MAGAZINE has been very kind in its coverage of Philadelphia R&B and hip hop vocalist, rapper and producer PNB Rock; in particular, his most recent work such as his “2 Get You Thru The Rain EP”.

Future-Perfect Music

Now, PNB has an even never record, the “Soundcloud Daze EP”, and he’s finding fresh ways to exploit that mini-album… Like just dropping several new music videos for its trap duet with Yung Fazo “I’m Chosen”, his trippy pairing with TennisBoyWiLL titled “UP”, and his own solo track, “FURY”.

The largest point of the “SoundCloud Daze EP” is to focus on features from a range of rising new rap stars on the PNB universe such as Yung Fazo, Pasto Flocco, Yxng Chris, TennisBoyWiLL, IAYZE, and Envy Deric. So PNB is spreading the love and good fortune.

Jaeden Martell 
Netflix has a new “Metal Lord” and it’s Philly actor and drummer Jaeden Martell who stars in the coming-of-age film (written by D.B. Weiss of Game of Thrones fame) on the streamer starting April 15.

Future-Perfect Music

Public Orchestra/Rehearsing Philadelphia
I’m sorry I didn’t jump on this sooner, Rehearsing Philadelphia finished up its three-week-long, art-based public project on March 10 with the finale of its fourth and final module, Public Orchestra. 

This never heard or seen orchestra unites 50 Philadelphia-based, local artists and musicians to perform as the Public Orchestra of Philadelphia, with commissioned pieces by Ari Benjamin Meyers, Sun Ra Arkestra, Ursula Rucker, Ann Carlson and Xenia Rubinos. For this last shot at strings and brass, they’ll attack Rehearsing Philadelphia, a Metascore created by Berlin-based composer and artist, Ari Benjamin Meyers with Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design; and The Curtis Institute of Music in tow.

Future-Perfect Music

Looking at this list from Rehearsing Philly, and seeing all of the great music made in the name of public orchestration, here’s hoping they bring this month-long event back sooner than in 2023.

Brittany Ann Tranbaugh
A Philadelphia name that I haven’t heard since before the pandemic, singer-songwriter Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, is releasing her first public music in a decade plus, with the “Quarter Life Crisis Haircut EP”, a project that speaks to her LGBTQ roots and folksy, cutting country-ish edge in ways she could never imagine 10 years ago. That’s what age brings to a fine wine. Maturity.

Future-Perfect Music

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