Selah Sue

Selah Sue – Essential Music for the Next 7 days

This week’s Listenin’ Booth includes music from the Belgian musician and songwriter, Selah Sue and her new single. “Kingdom”. Plus four other essential tunes you should be listening to right now.

Kingdom – Selah Sue

Selah Sue

Belgium’s Selah Sue creates genre splitting music fusing pop, reggae, rhythm and blues, as well as jazz. “Kingdom” is a new track from her brand new full length album, “Persona”.

Obligation – Cécile McLorin Salvant

We just discovered this amazing Grammy Award winning artist over the weekend! We do not know much about Cécile McLorin Salvant other than she’s won a plethora of accolades over the years and her song, “Obligation”, is the shit! Give it a listen and see if you agree.

The Xprt – Pete Rock 

Veteran hip hop producer, Pete Rock, releases his fourth installment of sonic, forward thinking boom bap hip hop. Fourteen tracks of riveting hip hop instrumentals cement Pete Rock as one of the greats in the genre.

Herbal Goods – Shady Monk

Selah Sue

Philadelphia’s Shady Monk wonderfully fuses jazz chords with electronic and chiptune-like sounds, creating a compelling kaleidoscopic pop soundscape. Brilliant stuff.

Peanut Butter Kisses – King Garbage

Selah Sue

North Carolina’s King Garbage fuse grungy guitar sounds with classic soul music producing gritty indie pop results.

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