Hailey Foster

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Meet and connect with Philadelphia based Public Relations Account Executive, Hailey Foster.


Name: Hailey Foster

Occupation: PR Account Executive at Cashman & Associates.

Current city: Philadelphia, PA

Hailey Foster

Born and raised there or imported? It feels silly to say, but I am Imported! I was born and raised in South Jersey — Medford, N.J., to be exact. I consider myself lucky to have grown up in proximity to the city and have always considered Philly to be an extension of my hometown.

What is your connection to your current city? I am very connected to Philadelphia through my personal and work life. Through my PR career, I explore many different facets of the city, including behind the scenes work at our local news studios, executing elaborate client events, and forging creative brand partnerships! When I’m off the clock, I love to lounge, and people watch at Rittenhouse Square Parc, meet a friend for coffee and a pastry at K’Far, or explore our vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

Hailey Foster

What’s your favorite restaurant? Philly is blessed with some of the best restaurants around. It’s impossible to only pick one! The restaurants that I most often recommend for a true taste of Philly are Parc in Rittenhouse Square or Alpen Rose in Mid-town Village. 

Best place to shop? I’ve been loving Kindred Collective in Bryn Mawr, PA. It’s warm and inspired with unique and trendy finds in clothing, accessories, and home.

What is your one favorite “best kept secret” about your city? Something that you and only a few others know about but everyone should? The real hidden gems are the city’s lesser-known underground cocktail bars and speakeasies. Some of my favorites lately include elevated and moody spaces like The Ranstead RoomThe Listening Room at LMNONoChe, and 101Unlockd — accessed in a variety of unique ways. These spaces can be found through discrete alleyway doors, secret bathrooms, or behind unassuming curtains. Many locations will cover your phone camera to deter photos, but I find the restricted access fosters a unique environment that encourages you to focus on building connections with those around you rather than capturing the moment. 

While some spots are membership-only, they’re well worth the search if you can find your way in for a craft cocktail!

Hailey Foster

What makes your city your city? – What do you absolutely love about it? The energy, the people, and the opportunity. Philadelphia has an indescribable magic about it.. it’s a love and appreciation for the imperfections that truly make it special, and the people you meet here that have always made it feel like home.

Also… Knead Bagel on a Sunday morning. IYKYK.

Socials: @hailfoster

Photos: Rachel Rosentein, and courtesy of Hailey Foster

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