Series 2 Happy Art

Series 2 Happy Art Toy from Founder Brick

The limited edition Series 2 Happy Art Figure created by Founder Brick is a unique collaboration between upcoming artists and visionary designers.

Founder Brick’s Series 2 Happy Art Toy is released with only 500 figures available. It stands 13.5 inches tall, is made of stone black cast resin, and injected with vinyl. Each piece is one-of-a-kind as they’re hand-dipped to create a unique stone-like surface effect.

The figure is meticulously made by hand and given special attention to detail before it is packed in a custom “brick” foam mold and includes a stamped engraving as proof of ownership. The unboxing experience is luxurious.

Series 2 Happy Art Founder Brick's

Founder Block’s latest release is part of the “Happy” series that reflects Founder Brick’s dedication to producing positive and artistic collectibles with a sleek brick head design and intricate details. This figure’s release showcases Founder Brick’s dedication to craftsmanship and design, making it a premium addition to any art toy collection.

Only 500 of this release will be available. Visit the Founder Block’s site for more information.

Series 2 Happy Art Founder Brick's

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